Convention Cars

The Convention currently has three Convention cars.

Two are from Atlas O:

  1. Canandaigua Southern X-29 Boxcar commemorating John Armstrong’s historic railroad. – In Stock Now!

The second car is a special Built-to-Order Wood Reefer with custom graphics on a Weaver Wood Reefer bod

What happened to the Fruit Grower’s Express Reefer?

The second SONC 2018 Convention car, a FGEX 40′ steel refrigerator to be produced by Atlas, has been canceled due to circumstances beyond the control of either SONC or Atlas. SONC regrets the necessity of doing so.

From other sources, SONC understands (but cannot independently confirm), that a large Chinese factory, AFFA Tech Industries in Guandong (Southern China), shut down without advance notice on or about July 31, trapping some completed projects, some projects in progress and the tooling. Manufacturers affected include Atlas.

Atlas has issued the following generic statement:

“Atlas has received notification from one of our locomotive and rolling stock suppliers that they have closed their factory. (Please note Atlas track and accessories are NOT affected by this delay.) Atlas is currently working with our network of suppliers to transfer the projects to others for completion. This will cause a delay in some previously ordered products. We apologize for this delay, thank you for your continued support, and will update you with more information as it becomes available.”

Expect to see delays, some possibly significant, on production of new models from Atlas and others and probably cancellation of otherprojects. We sincerely hope that Atlas and its projects are able to recover from the shutdown. They have been good to work with and the plant closure is clearly not their fault. The participation of Atlas in the upcoming Scale O National Convention is not affected by this turn of events.

It is possible that the FGEX project – already delayed from its expected delivery date – may be imported by Atlas at some future time, but Atlas has advised SONC that delivery could not take place, if at all, until well after the SONC 2018 Convention is history. A status of “release delayed until further notice” on these cars would not be fair to those who have reserved the cars or are interested in doing so. Accordingly, the car has been cancelled and reservations will no longer be accepted.

By separate emails, all who have reserved the cars will be offered a choice of 1) an immediate, full cash refund, with an extra “thank you” payment for the use of their funds; 2) conversion of the reservation to the other Convention Car (a CSRR X-29 in numbers different than any previously ordered by the same person); or 3) one of the MFE refrigerator cars, subject to stock on hand and provided that the car is picked up at the Convention (rather than being mailed). Descriptions of the other two Convention Cars are found elsewhere in the “Convention Cars” section of the Website. SONC will “eat” any credit card processing fees. Default option is the full cash refund.

The FGEX steel reefer was carefully chosen because such cars ran on many eastern railroads, the FGEX headquarters and a large shop for the construction and repair of refrigerator cars was located in Alexandria, across the Potomac from Maryland, and because the car nicely complements the FGEX wood reefer which was one of the Convention Cars for SONC 2004. If you are still interested in these cars, please include your interest in your response to the SONC email or in a separate message to SONC sent through the Website; and we will forward your communication to the importer of the FGEX car should they be produced.

Please accept our apologies for cancellation of the car.

SONC 2018