Build-To-Order Convention Car MFE Reefer


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An extra special, VERY limited run Convention car.  This is a Midland Fruit Express (MFE) reefer honoring both John Armstrong’s Canandaigua Southern and Tony Koester’s Midland Road (a thinly disguised NKP). 

These reefers are built on Weaver reefer bodies, 2 rail or 3 rail to your order.  50 have been  built.  These cars go to the custom painter and then are decorated by a digital process from CMR Products.  CMR’s printing process produces sharp graphics that even fills in between the boards on the car sides (see detail photo).  This digital process allows us to put individual numbers on each car – no two will be alike!  The reefer gray sides will stand out in your blocks of yellow and orange cars. 

These cars are unique and will never be produced again.  We have very few cars left post the Convention.  Orders will close on Sept. 30.

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2-Rail, 3-Rail