Mold Making & Casting Clinic


Hands-on clinic for molds and resin castings

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This clinic will cover the basics of producing one part rubber (RTV) molds from scratch built or other masters.  It will also cover making castings from the molds using two-part resin and plaster.  Participants will be furnished a master and rubber to make a mold.  Due to the time it takes a mold to cure, they will take their mold with them and can remove the master the next day.  The master will be an O Scale item useful to most model railroaders.  They will also be supplied with a cured mold of a different O Scale item and will make one or two castings using two-part resin supplied.  The can try using plaster at home as it would be too messy to do.  I will, however, demo making a plaster casting.  Time permitting a demo of two part mold making will be presented